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i'm troubled by flashbacks of his naked body. another testified, he took away my childhood the day he assaulted me. it will be inside me for ever as an open wound. and finally, a victim said directly to sandusky, you said you were the tickle monster. so you could touch my 11-year- old body and get me to think what you were doing was okay. after the sentencing, one victim's lawyer called it a release for his client. >> he was nestled in the arms of his mother when the sentence was handed down. his therapist was on the other side and his grandfather was also there with him. >> victim's testimony provided a long awaited chance to share the extraordinary impact of sandusky's betrayal and abuse. >> he was determined that his words be heard today. not only by the court. not only by mr. sandusky, but by the world watching today. >> we are hearing over there about appeals. i think it's safe to say that
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sandusky will never see a free day again the rest of his life. >> sandusky and his defense team promised an appeal. they are inassistant that they were not given sufficient time to prepare for the trial. as of right now, he won't even come up for parole until the age of 98. live from bellefonte, pennsylvania, andrea mccarren, 9news. back to you. >> from beginning to end, this was and is a devastating case. thank you. anita. >> each of sandusky's victims will heal differently. but mark says confronting your abuser can help. bruce leshan says a local survivor of child sexual abuse himself. >> you're a rapist and a sodomist and a rapist to children. everybody in this neighborhood should know about you because you are a predator. >> six years ago, mark confronted the priest who abused him.
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>> you raped my son when he was nine years old. >> you're a liar. >> you admitted it. >> i did not abuse all of them. >> forced masturbation and oral rape and you know, had the instincts stripped from me to seek help. >> confronting his abuser was empowering. >> i was not shocked by jerry sandusky's transfer of blame and guilt on to everybody but him. because that is what perpetrators do. >> he says the victims who confronted sandusky in court turned the tables of power against him. >> i have taken back power and i have begun the process of healing and any victim can do that. >> the catholic hire rare ky covered for his abuser. transferred him to other parishes until he had abused 25 boys. and he says penn state did the same for sandusky.
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>> we saw today in the sentencing what a creep jerry sandusky is. what a dark heart he has. how cold and calculating he is. and penn state had that insight and they had firsthand accounts of his abuse, yet they took no action. they covered it up. >> a perpetrator alone is a menace to society, but an institution that protects him is even worse. in d.c., bruce leshan, 9news now. >> the rpetrator admitted his abuse in court. it was long after the statute of limitations had expired. tonight, we are hearing from the family of one of the vic victims of the sex offender. hear more at campaign 2012 sits back to ohio with visits from both presidential candidates today. mitt romney set to attend a rally tonight. that is after spending the morning over in iowa.
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about a half hour ago, president obama finished speaking with students at ohio state. today is the last day for ohio residents to register to vote. and battleground, virginia, will play host to governor romney this friday. that's when he is scheduled to be back in the commonwealth this time in richmond. right now, michelle obama wrapped up a rally in leesburg. ken is live with the first lady. ken. >> reporter: derek, if you can hear me okay, this just wrapped up. let me see if we can zoom in here. see what is left of this rally. michelle obama greeting some supporters. they chose loudoun county, the barack obama campaign focusing on what they are calling a grass rootings movement to try and get people to register to vote before october 15. of course that is less than a week away from now. this is the last final push to try and win what many folks have considered a battleground state in this election. throughout this event here,
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michelle obama spokabout healthcare, the economy, getting behind people and backing people up during hard times. she said quote, we all know, we all know good and well that cutting sesame street is no way to balance the budget. that was a direct jab at comments mitt romney made last week during the presidential debate. but a large crowd showed up here at the loudoun county fair grounds to hear this event. it just wrapped up right now and i can tell you it's still a pretty electrified scene out here. back to you. >> ken, thank you. first lady is not the only one talking about big bird. the producers of that program are asking the president's campaign to stop using an ad featuring big bird. that ad implies that governor romney is looking past the wall street criminals and going after the character. >> onman has the guts to speak his name. >> big bird. big bird. >> it's me. big bird. >> big, yellow, a menace to
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our economy. mitt romney knows it's not wall street you have to worry about, it's sesame street. >> mitt romney taking on -- >> now in a statement, it is not approved, any campaign ads and it is not or it is rather a nonpartisan, nonprofit group. and obama campaign officials said they are reviewing those concerns. tomorrow, the supreme court will hear what is being billed as one of the most important cases of this session. fisher versus the university of texas asks the justices to decide if race should be considered in the college admissions process. we will have more from the court tomorrow starting on 9news at 5:00. a followup on a story we have been tracking since july. the medical examiner reports a reporter was in fact murdered. sarah's body was found inside her burning house on july 9. the medical examiner said she was shot in the neck. the fauquier county sheriff's
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office tells the winchester star, solving the case is the department's top priority. coming up tonight at 7:00, the high stake bid to expand gambling in maryland. both sides are going all in trying to convince voters to see it their way. you have seen the ads. we'll have more at 7:00. >> all right, see you then, still to come in this half hour, nats fans are pretty frustrated about tomorrow's playoff game. we'll tell you why. top. >> well, the good news is, they will not be frustrated by the weather. here is the forecast for the game tomorrow. skies returning partly cloudy. a light southwest wind. play ball. now the best out of three series. we'll come back and talk about our wednesday morning commute and look ahead to the weekend. up next, a client lashes out at his own attorney in court and it's all caught on tape. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, a public defender attacked by the man he was defending. dan hall is to the left of his client in this video after getting 15 years on robbery, drug, and assault charges. lamarcus williams punched his attorney. an officer had an ingling. you saw him be on alert. when the scuffle started, the two cops were able to defuse it. now, he faces additional charges of assault. >> a soccer player drove his
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porsche into a convenience store injuring one customer and forcing others to jump out of the way to stay safe. security video shows jonathan's car crashing through the glass doors of the store. the sports car plows through stalls of food before coming to rest at the cash register. we're told the gear will be charged with involuntary assault and possibly intoxication. he plays for a russian soccer club. >> average prices at the pump are up to $3.82 nationwide for a gallon of regular unleaded. but in california, they have set their own state record. according to aaa, the average price of regular is up to $4.67 a gallon and that is up 50 cents. just in the last week. analysts blame supply and demand for the spike, but one member of congress is calling for a federal investigation. two people connect across four decades thanks to a well preserved note left in the wilderness. tim taylor wrote a note to the
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mountains in 1972. at the time he was a 13-year- old boy scout. he climbed to a peek and tucked the note inside a metal film canister. now 40 years later, a man hiking with his grandson climbs the same peek and finds the note. a newspaper ran the story on it and one of taylor's friends saw it and pointed it out to him. >> you're not going to believe this. you're in the paper for a note you left 40 years ago on some mountain top up in the sierra. >> the newspaper story helped connect taylor who is now 53 and living hundreds of miles away in san diego with the man who found his note. still ahead, it is offered everything from yachts to customized libraries. dancing fountains even in the past. some of the high lights from this year's high end holiday wishing catalog coming up. did health officials respond quickly enough to that outbreak of meningitis? we'll speak with some patients who say that they were left in
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the dark. that is tonight on the cbs evening news.
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going back to the track, to
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the wall. and what happens here? he contends a fan reaches up and touches it. but richie garcia says no, it's a home run. >> oh, orioles fans, that was your frustration 16 years ago today when 12-year-old jeffrey meyer reached over that wall. we're going to have more coming up in a few minutes in sports. >> tonight, nats fans are feeling their own frustrations ahead of the city's first post season baseball game in 79 years. >> i'm matt jablow where people were hoping to buy tickets. some fans unable to attend tomorrow's 1:00 game. >> absolutely. >> after the announcement to major league baseball, which came yesterday afternoon. >> very difficult because he is waiting day by day. >> that tomorrow's game would start at 1:00. >> i wish it was at night. >> thousands of fans with tickets to the game have had to either give up their tickets or figure out a way to leave work. >> is there anything available
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for tomorrow? >> mike who owns his own electrical supply company is now hoping to buy tickets from an unlucky person unable to attend tomorrow's game. >> can you check your other box office? >> he observes that were it not all by required, the yank keys play their games in prime time, it's likely the nationals would have been able to play at night and this entire problem could have been avoided. >> after we get into the playoffs for several years to come, we'll be right there in prime time as well. >> yankees. >> you got it. >> matt jablow, 9news now. >> so do you think the begans fans are getting the short end of the stick? >> all your frustrations, no matter what they are, could be washed away. >> i love you, i adore you, but i can't buy you anything from neimann marcus this year. the luxury retailer released its 86th edition of the holiday
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catalog today. almost 40% of the items in this year's catalog cost less than $250. things like donkey and elephant cuff links in honor of the upcoming election. or fruitcake for $32. but of course, those don't really catch our eyes and you wouldn't eat that anyway. for example, the $1 million his and hers watches. those are nice. >> oh wow. >> or you would rather pay $150,000 for this trailer and it even comes with its own bourbon. that has you all over it. and you could spend $100,000 for this penthouse inspired by the palace in france. it comes with three to ten hens. depending on what you want. you might not need ten. you can see the whole catalog at you know, because they want to meet you where you are. >> you don't want your hen house to show up your real house. that would be bad. >> a whole lot of big
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presentations going on. >> the hen house, there you go. it's not going to do the neimann thing for me. you could do it. >> i could get the fruitcake. my treat. all right. we are looking at a marine layer, low clouds, drizzle tonight. you know what? we'll be in great shape in time for the nats game tomorrow. let's start with the fall colors because they are having the autumn glory festival in oakland, maryland this weekend. it is just about peek capacity. near peek now between cumberland and hagerstown. that's on the eastern side of the divide. some good color. perfectly good color around i- 81. i probably postpone your trip to skyline drive. some color around the immediate metro area and not much color south and east of town. all right, a live look outside. it is our michael and son weather camera. 62 right now. winds are northeast at 7. pressure hasn't moved in the
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past few hours. neither has the sky cover either. we remain mostly cloudy. this is a visible picture. this does not measure temperature. so what you see is essentially what you get. you can see, there were some breaks in clouds earlier today. they filled in now, so we are looking at a for thely to mostly cloudy night with a little bit of drizzle and fog possible. 60 in great falls. 58 in fairfax. 58 in arlington and we're looking at 69 in bowie and 58 out toward latansville. improving, but slowly. the morning commute, wet in spots. and by that, we mean south and east of town. charles county, st. mary's county, that area. more sun wednesday afternoon. grab your shades and great by thursday. a little cooler by thursday, but still a great day. all right. this is late tonight, some clouds still lingering. put this back into motion by morning. 6:00, 7:00 in the morning, not much in terms of precipitation.
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notice a couple specks of green. more than anything, low clouds and fog in the morning and we clear out late morning and afternoon, just in time for the nats game. for tonight then, partly to mostly cloudy, chilly. a shower possible. some fog possible late. lows 42 to 50. next three days, we'll keep it code green and why not? morning shower, morning fog. tomorrow 69. a respectable afternoon. a great thursday. 65. and a great friday, 66. next seven days, a great saturday. wow. 70. resisted putting 80 on sunday. ravens at home playing, skins at home playing. 79, maybe a shower, and still mild. low 70s with sunshine next tuesday. >> can't hate that warmup. >> that's right. probably the last one. >> yesterday was so yesterday. we are focused on today. >> that's the only thing you can do at this point. it was so ugly last night. that game was just not what you want to have in the playoffs.
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but the nats really have no time to worry about it. game three just one day away. the guys are back home ready to embrace. plus, the revolving kicker's door continues at redskins park. find out who your new kicker is coming up next.
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and now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> some days you are up, some days you're down. the nationals have been on that roller coaster ride all season long. playoffs are no different. yes, they got embarrassed last night at the hands of st. louis, but despite that, the players returned to d.c. upbeat. that's because they are happy to have come off the road with the series tied up at one. plus, now the nationals have a chance to take advantage of home field. giving d.c. baseball fans their first home playoff game in 79 years. and manager, davey johnson, feels his team is on the right track. >> the ball club -- i thought we played great. >> it's the perfect equation for this organization and i'm sure we played beyond everyone's expectations. but inside the clubhouse, we definitely know what we are capable of doing. >> we will work hard the next few games and play the game we have been playing all year and
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have some fun. >> edwin jackson gets to start tomorrow. fans aren't happy with tomorrow's 1:00 start time, but it gets better. game four on thursday, scheduled to start at 4:07 and game five, if necessary, is set for 8:37 friday night. now the baltimore orioles ended their home stand with a series tied up as well. the birds actually won the second game, so they bring the momentum into new york. game three between the orioles and yankees is at 7:37 tomorrow. the two face each other for the first time since this infamous catch during game one of the acls16 years ago. 12-year-old jeffrey mayer interfered. now, oriole fans, be happy. the mayor is staying home tomorrow night. he will not be at the ballpark. good news for baltimore. all right, the redskins had the day off, but robert griffin, iii, has been busy undergoing concussion tests. other physical activity. if he gets the okay, rg3 could
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return to practice tomorrow. there was some action at the park today. the skins tried out three kickers. after missing four of his last six field goals, mike shanahan decided it was time to give him the boot. washington signed kicker out of ucla. he becomes the redskins 19th different kicker since 1994. time now to reveal our latest game of the week poll. five great games for you to choose from. here are your choices. go to or d. c. to vote. and finally tonight, look at that guy. he looks familiar. that's alex ovechkin. they were scheduled to kick off their season this friday, but the lockout has the great eight playing over in russia. he netted the game winner for moscow. fourth goal in eight games. it might be all we see this evening. >> he belongs back here. >> that's it for us. the cbs everyoning news is
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next. and derek is back with our only local news.
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